Monday, 3 May 2010

NSPCC event traffic cutting up Roath Park

I went for a peaceful walk in quiet Roath Park on a bank holiday and suddenly I am startled by car in a hurry coming up behind me and impatiently cutting over the grass to get to car parking for NSPCC event organisers putting children and adults at risk. I didn't expect to see a car speeding along the path in the park! Great the NSPCC is having a Teddy bear picnic but there is no need for car parking next to it. The entrance to the park is only 20 metres away! 

One person said the band needed to park next to the picnic! When I was a child my sister and I went to school and concerts by bus carrying cello.  If they were playing in St Davids Hall they would have further to walk  from parking than from the park gate to the teddy bears picnic!
These events took place successfully in the past with out cars having to drive into parks and put people at risk. If there was a particular need for anything really heavy then it could have been put in place early this morning and collected in the evening and the vehicle parked outside the park. The council gave permission I hear but no regulation in place. Damaged grass can harm the bio diversity of the park wrecking havoc on plant species - it is more than just replacing just 'grass'. 

In addition to this there are families attending many of whom are such lazy people who can't walk more than a few yards from the park are parking their cars on the pavements blocking the way for pedestrians. Folk think this is perfectly ok! In fact  some of them are horrified when you challenge them! This sort of anti social behaviour should be stopped and traffic wardens attending. 

I am surprised at the NSPCC as our children's welfare and heritage is being destroyed by this sort of 
total disregard for the value of our parks! Surely they must not think it unreasonable to ask stall holders and their band to park outside the park. I totally support and value the NSPCC but lets have responsible environmentally friendly sustainable fund raising in future! why are people supporting the NSPCC  so agressive? Great they are supporting a great cause but no need to destroy our parks in the process. Our kids need parks without CARS!