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Council's audacious plans for park access bridge

Came across this article from 18 September 2008 in
with rather different figures from the ones given at the planning meeting!

Cardiff Council has announced ambitious plans to build a dedicated lorry bridge that will allow hauliers unrestricted access into a park in the heart of the city centre. The local authority estimates that between 50 and 100 HGVs travel into the historic Bute Park every week in order to supply the Nursery, provide equipment for open-air events and maintain and manage water flow in the Dock Feeder.

Existing access involves a busy junction, and the council says it is potentially unsafe.

Concerns have also been mounting for some time that once vehicles enter the park, the close proximity of pedestrians could result in accidents. However, the council's proposals have not prevented campaigners from the Green Party objecting to the cutting down of 10 trees in order to provide space for the bridge.

A council spokesman says if it gets the go-ahead, the bridge will not be tolled and will not have weight restrictions other than "the standard ones applicable for public highways".

Simon Higgins, Road Haulage Association area manager, says: "It can only be a good thing for haulage. We would like to keep lorries away from people. What we don't want to do is pay for the privilege of crossing the bridge. The haulage industry is already hammered with taxes, but if it's free, we have absolutely no objections at all."

Chris Tindall Email at

What is ‘Sustainability’ in relation to Bute Park ?

The soundbite definition of sustainable development is development that ‘meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. Delivering sustainability will require the balancing of economic activity and growth with the protection of environmental systems and the promotion of social justice and quality of life. Help stop the £1.4m bridge/road for articulated lorries into Bute Park, one of the largest city centre parks in the UK, providing the setting for Cardiff Castle, and listed on the Cadw/ICOMOS Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in Wales as grade I.

As well the trees chopped down already there are 43 TREES are to be 'pruned' to make way for the passing articulated lorries
2 of them champion trees plus more to be chopped down see the attached picture!

The road is a condition of a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund to RESTORE the park.
I wrote to Jennifer Stewart, Head of HLF Wales to complain and she copied the council project team into her reply and they duly wrote saying that-

The provision of a new vehicular access into Bute Park is an important element in the total Bute Park Regeneration Project.
And telling me "It appears to me that you may not have fully appreciated the complexities of managing a major City Centre Park"!!

If you have any answers or suggested answers to the following questions please let me know.

Had Cardiff Council thought of moving the nursery business elsewhere so there was no need for articulated lorries into Bue Park?

Are contravening the Bute Park covenant by promoting business and events in the park?

Why was there no independent report to planning committee?

Why was ex member covering parks Clllr Nigel Howells allowed to speak at the planning meeting for the project?

Why was the planning meeting at which was passed totally biased? No officers present where independent of the applicant!

Why was work started before planning permission and not raised at the planning meeting?

Why was the conservation area not mentioned?

Why can't employees of the nursery walk into work and park outside the park?

Are the council planning to allow buses with visitors to the new visitor centre drive into the park rather than outside?

If this was a listed building what is the likelihood of getting permission for a totally new entrance?

more here
18. To provide essential access for caravans to support the 2008 Eisteddfod at
Blackwier Playing Fields.
19. To facilitate good and safe access for future major events in Bute Park.
21. Approval of this scheme costing £1.40million in advance of the 2008/09
budget would secure the grant support offered by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
This figure is subject to further detailed costing projections being undertaken

Perhaps the concept of sustainability provides a major new challenge for accountability within cardiff council and HLF because it requires a focus beyond the current generation of consumers, investors, employees and citizens to consider the rights and welfare of the generations to follow.

CADW is supporting this too!!
Bute Park
Bute Park is one of the largest urban parks in the country, and with Pontcanna Fields and Sophia Gardens to the west forms a huge open space open to the public within the centre of Cardiff. The park's designer and planer, Andrew Pettigrew, was one of the most important park designers of the second half of the nineteenth century, andthe open, flowing informal design allowed a smooth transition from a private pleasure ground to a public park. Much of the Victorian planting, particularly of ornamental trees, survives. The grounds of Cardiff Castle have a long history of landscaping, going back to the medieval period. The grounds owe their present day appearance to late eighteenth-century landscaping by Capability Brown and late nineteenth-century alterations by the third Marquis of Bute. The park became a public park after 1947.

Friday, 24 October 2008

We don't understand the complexities of major city park!


Bute Park

Jennifer Stewart, Head of HLF Wales has copied me into her reply dated 21st October to your email addressed to her dated 19th October concerning the above.

The provision of a new vehicular access into Bute Park is an important element in the total Bute Park Regeneration Project.

The Council is committed to ensuring the total Park Regeneration Project is understood and implemented with the full involvement of all Park users. The process has already commenced and a number of specific public consideration exercises were undertaken in the preparation of our successful HLF bid. The process will continue and intensify with the benefit of the grant funding from HLF. The Council places a great deal of importance on the communication process I have referred to above.

I am taking this opportunity to attach a further information sheet The Council specifically produced in relation to the provision of a new access into the park. Hopefully this will be of assistance in clarifying and explaining the need for the bridge, the benefits it will bring to the park and the minimum impact it will have on this wonderful park.

As you are aware the proposal has now received Planning Consent. It appears to me that you may not have fully appreciated the complexities of managing a major City Centre Park and accordingly I would be happy to meet with you and outline The Councils responsibilities and vision for The Park. This will also enable you to raise and discuss your concerns. If you are agreeable, then please contact me on 02920 788355.

In view of your interests I have copied this response to Jennifer Stewart, Danielle Wheeler and Martin Buckridge of HLF.

Yours Sincerely

Pat Thompson

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Jenny Randerson benefits of artic lorries in Bute Park

More greenwash from Jenny Randerson
"I did not read the additional information as I am not a Councillor, nor a member of the planning committee and, therefore, was not party to the discussions or decisions that were made.

I do support environmentally friendly and sustainable policies but, as stated in the Planning Report, the overall benefits of the scheme must be balanced against any potential negative impacts. In this case, amendments were made to the scheme to lessen the negative impact."

Regards, Jenny Randerson

to tell Jenny what you with your views to her assistant,

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Jenny Randerson AM for lorries in park,
Dear Anne
Thank you for your e-mail.
I presume you attended the Planning Committee meeting and, if so, maybe had sight of the Committee Report, which fully explains the rational behind the recommendation and CADW's response. If not, I can e-mail you a copy.
pp Jenny Randerson
From: Randerson, Jenny (Assembly Member)
Sent: 20 October 2008 15:00

GREENWASH from Jenny Randerson, Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for Cardiff Central, has welcomed Cardiff's proposed Local Development Plan - referred to as the Preferred Strategy - as a vision to a "fair green future" that what articulated lorries in bute park is?

LIB DEMS .."The Lib Dems have been the party that consistently prioritises future generations and the world we leave to them. It was heartening to see practical examples of sustainable development which means meeting the needs of this generation without compromising future generations' needs."????

Thank you for updating us on the situation. I am sorry to hear that your concerns are not being heeded. I hope that Pat Thompson's response will be more detailed and understanding.
With best wishes, Mariam Kemple Campaigns OfficerHelp the Aged
207 - 221 Pentonville Road London, N1 9UZ Tel: 020 7239 1944

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Restoratation depends on atric lorry bridge!

Dear Ms. ...
Thank you for your communication of 19th October outlining your concerns about the proposed new bridge at Bute Park. Although the Heritage Lottery Fund has made a substantial award to Bute Park for the restoration of the historic park, the design, planning and construction of the new access bridge does not form part of this award. However we are conscious that the success of the HLF project will depend on the success of the new access bridge, and in particular the acceptance of the bridge by all users of the Park including local residents and community groups. For this reason we have asked the Council to demonstrate the involvement of users both in the design and long-term maintenance of the bridge. We are forwarding a copy of your email to Pat Thomson who is responsible for the project on behalf of the Council, for a more detailed response.
Thank you again for your interest in the work of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Yours Sincerely
Jennifer Stewart
Pennaeth CDL, Cymru/Head of HLF, Wales
Llinell uniongyrchol/direct line 029 2023 4144

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Destruction by heritage lottery fund

pic of Dan Clayton Jones (Deputy Chairman of the NHMF and HLF, Chairman of the Committee for Wales) who believes a bridge for aticulated lorries contributes to a grade 1 listed park!


Reason for this Report

1. To agree the provision of a new vehicular and pedestrian bridge for Bute
Park at an estimated cost of £1.40m as part of the revised 2007/08 capital
programme for the Council.
2. As part of the Council’s ongoing engagement with citizens and communities,
the omnibus survey for 2006 found that Cardiff parks are one of the most
highly valued local facilities in terms of user satisfaction. This was
underlined by the recent EU Urban Audit Perceptions Survey of 75 EU
Cities, which found that 88% of Cardiff citizens were satisfied with the city’s
parks and green spaces – the eighth highest ranking of any city in the
European Union.
3. The Council has previously agreed that Bute Park is the priority for
investment within the agreed Parks Partnership Programme for the Council.
4. The Parks Partnership Programme features 6 major Parks in Cardiff and
was established following the introduction by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s
(HLF’s) Public Parks Programme in 2002. In March 2005 the Council
submitted a Stage 1 application for the restoration of Bute Park which
included a new vehicular access bridge over the Docks Feeder to provide
access from North Road at a point opposite Corbett Road. As part of the
application in 2005 this commitment to funding the new bridge by the
Council was to be within the overall 5 year Parks Programme and was,
therefore, not included in the current 3 year medium term financial plan.

5. In June 2006 the HLF approved a Stage 1 grant of £3.1m towards the
overall cost of the project which amounts to £5.6m. The Stage 1 grant
specified that the Council needed to demonstrate a commitment to construct the new vehicular access into Bute Park and the offer excluded a contribution from HLF to the Bridge.
Page 2 of 4
6. On the 20 August 2007 the National Heritage Lottery wrote to the Council
confirming that:-
“the Heritage Lottery Fund view the position of a new bridge over the docks
feeder to provide access into the park from North Road as an essential
element of the Bute Park Restoration Project.
“Accordingly Cardiff County Council will be required to demonstrate a firm
commitment to the bridge and provide a construction start date as part of its
Phase 2 application to The Heritage Lottery Fund. Without this HLF will not
be in a position to commit its funding to the Bute Park Restoration works”.
7. Following the Stage 1 approval, a Stage 2 bid will be submitted in October
2007 and subject to satisfactorily meeting the commitments and
requirements of the HLF then confirmation of approval of the Stage 2 bid is
expected in spring 2008. Without this commitment and construction start
date from the Council by October 2007 there can be no Stage 2 bid to HLF.
8. With the exception of the new bridge (estimated cost £1.40m) all the
Council’s contribution towards the Bute Park Regeneration project is in
place and has previously been agreed. Any revenue consequences
associated with the new access bridge will be met as part of the overall Bute
Park Regeneration scheme.

9. The current main vehicle access into Bute Park is off North Road at the
North Gate entrance adjacent to the Castle. This access is totally
inadequate and limits the capacity of the park to accommodate major
outdoor events and prevents public access to the nursery. Furthermore the
existing access is a major health and safety concern as it is not possible to
effectively separate pedestrians and vehicles, particularly during these
major events.

10. The current vehicular access arrangements and safety concerns are a
major constraint holding back further development of the Park and the
consideration by HLF of the Stage 2 Bid.

11. The new vehicular access bridge will overcome the current difficulties and
allow maximum benefit to be achieved from the significant investment
planned for Bute Park and that currently in place at the Castle. It will also
supplement and support the work currently underway in Sophia Gardens to
improve visitor facilities.

12. The new bridge will also significantly improve access into Blackweir Playing
Fields and thereby enable this attractive parkland to be brought into greater
use for a range of activities and major events. If built by July 2008 this would
greatly assist in the planning and support for the 2008 National Eisteddfod
when 700 caravans will need to be accommodated for the event. Without
the provision of the new bridge the only existing access into and out of
Blackweir will be via the Taff Trail cycleway from the rear of Tesco in
Page 3 of 4

Western Avenue. Building of the new bridge would assist traffic flows and
alleviate the impact on adjacent local communities.

13. In March 2008 the new Castle Interpretation Centre and Café will open.
Linked to this and in line with the Council’s decision to open the North gate
of the castle into Bute Park and allow free public use of the Castle Green
significantly increased numbers will use Bute Park. Without the new access
bridge they will do so via the existing bridge over the Docks Feeder at the
North Gate. This additional pedestrian traffic will only exacerbate the
problems of Health & Safety previously referred to above.
14. Bute Park currently receives one million visits each year. The integration of
the Castle with Bute Park is essential and this along with the development
of the nursery as an educational, training and community facility are key
strategic elements in the Councils tourist development and visitor attraction
planning. This is recognised and supported by the HLF. The provision of the
new bridge is a key element in this.
15. The Royal Horticultural Society is a key partner in the Bute Park proposals
and they fully support the provision of improved vehicular and pedestrian
access. This will in turn assist in developing the RHS Spring Flower Show in
Bute Park as a long term attraction and major event. Bute Park is a grade 1
listed Park.
Local Member Consultation
16. Local Members are fully supportive of the Parks Partnership Programme
and the HLF application.
Reasons for Recommendations
17. To enable the requirements of the Stage 2 Bute Park HLF bid to be fulfilled
so that the Bute Park Regeneration proposals can be implemented and the
appraisal of the Stage 2 Bid and with it granting of the £3.1 million from HLF
not lost.
18. To provide essential access for caravans to support the 2008 Eisteddfod at
Blackwier Playing Fields.
19. To facilitate good and safe access for future major events in Bute Park.
Legal Implications
20. The Council is legally obliged to obtain value for money and the
procurement of the works will need to be in accordance with the Council's
Contract Procedure Rules
Financial Implications
21. Approval of this scheme costing £1.40million in advance of the 2008/09
budget would secure the grant support offered by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
This figure is subject to further detailed costing projections being undertaken
Page 4 of 4
and a likely tender exercise. As set out in the Month 3 Monitoring Report
elsewhere on the agenda for this meeting, the Council’s current capital
programme (2007/10) is experiencing considerable slippage, coupled with a
reduced level of capital receipts. The inclusion of this scheme in the revised
programme will utilise part of the available budgeted finance in 2007/08 but
could increase the Council’s need to incur additional borrowing of
£1.40million should savings on currently approved schemes not be available
at the relevant time.
22. The provision of a new vehicular and pedestrian access bridge will satisfy
the requirements of the HLF and enable the full grant to be considered as
part of the Stage 2 Bid and if successful awarded in the spring of 2008. The
new bridge, if built if completed this financial year, would greatly support
future major events in the Park, the first of these being the RHS Show 2008
and the National Eisteddfod 2008.
The Executive is requested to recommend to Council that the provision of a new
vehicular and pedestrian access bridge off North Road at a cost of £1.40 million be
included in the revised 2007/08 capital programme of the Council.
Corporate Director
3 September 2007

Fight against Park Road continues

fight against park road continues - keep artic lorries out of our park

BBC News
Fight against park road continues
BBC News, UK - 57 minutes ago
Cardiff council has agreed plans to build a new bridge and an access road into Bute Park for delivery and maintenance vehicles. ...
Don’t scar this beautiful park
WalesOnline, United Kingdom - 20 Sep 2008
Therefore I oppose the new planned road and bridge in Bute Park. Over the past few years the park has held several events, the latest of these has been the ...

Bute Park bridge gets go-ahead

A PLANNING committee has given the go-ahead for a controversial £1.4m bridge to be built into Cardiff’s Bute Park. Read

Wrecking Lottery Heritage fund here paying to bring articulated lorrries into the park.

Project: Bute Park Restoration
Applicant: The County council of the City and County of Cardiff
Programme: Parks
Location: Cardiff, South Glamorgan
Region: Wales
Amount awarded: £3,123,000

Description: The County Council of the City and County of Cardiff proposes the restoration of Bute Park, located in the heart of Cardiff, together with the delivery of significant benefits in respect to the facilitation of both physical and intellectual access. On 27 June 2006 the HLF Board of Trustees approved a Stage One Pass (??3,123,000; 55%) with an award of Development Funding of ??115,000 (55% of total eligible project costs). This application will be assessed against the Authority demonstrating that they have met our Stage Two requirements

Head of Wrecking Heritage Lottery Fund, Wales

Jennifer Stewart began her career as an archaeologist in the Middle East and subsequently as Curator of Archaeology at the Bristol City Museum.

As Head of Documentation at the National Museum of Wales she also built up expertise in computerised documentation, and the use of new technology in the management of and public access to museum collections.

She joined the Heritage Lottery Fund as Manager for Wales in January 1999

Do you know these people? On the committee for wales?

Cardiff Council Cllrs allow Park Destruction

Thank you all for your support and the valiant effort to save the park..Planning Cttee passed it today 7 to 2 against, under heavy pressure from the officials.
ONLY 2 councillors opposed the road into Bute Park
1. A Robson (Independant) 2. Cllr Foley (Tory)

The rest voted for the road for artic lorries!

We brought the petition with nearly 2,000 signatures and they had 1,000 emails first time around and this time more than a 100 and they admitted to getting a 100 emails this morning alone! Max spoke to the committee - they gave us three minutes. Then Cllr Howell chair of the parks committee got 3 minutes to argue the case for.

This was about 5.20 and then the officers spoke in favour for at least an hour plus on to about 7 pm with few comments from members telling the benefits of the scheme. New narrower rustic bridge design! Complete with traffic lights!! Totally missing the point..that we should be not allowing articulated lorries in to the park ever!!!

Nigel Howells jumped in to speak as ward member, saying if Jane Cowen could get in so could he.
But Jane had been challenged and said she was speaking for constituents, the weak chair saying it was agreed in her case. But no such claim of agreement about Howells.

Is this okay under procedure - shocked at this misuse by Exec Member to promote the scheme (extensively, at length), not once mentioning constituents' views? This was on top of Rosie James/Parks having 3 minutes to promote it for the "applicants".

At least Cllr Foley said that it was a shocking thing to do to the park., city can get more events and make more money. He said the nursery shouldn't be there .."should be moved elsewhere. If artic lorries, vehicles are to travel on it then it is a road."
The officers claimed this was for the use of 36 artic lorries a year - Cllr Foley said this was a disgracefully waste of tax payers money. The park, he said was owned by the people of Cardiff not the Council do do as they please with it. As for events - larger events could be held else where.

I was shocked that the tree person said there was only one holly tree to be replaced and 10 trees of a inferior category plus 2 groups of inferior trees + 2 small trees to be replanted. 43 TREES are to be pruned to make way for the passing articulated lorries - so 43 lollypop trees! But the tree people say that 'pruning will have a minimal impact - don't consider this detrimental to the amenity of the park. 2 Beech trees have been removed and will be replaced and in 30 years time will have significant impact'. !!! so that's ok then!

3 champion trees will require CROWN management
No memorial trees will be felled
However 6 memorial trees will require CROWN management!
This tree has been planted in memory of a loved one so it is chopped back to let articulated lorries past in what was a tranquil part of the park designated for memorial trees!!!
43 trees in all to be pruned ....43 lollipop trees!!!

One significant factor was that CADW supported this application. Contact them ..
Tel: 01443 33 6000 Fax: 01443 33 6001 E-mail:

Cadw is a Welsh word which means 'to keep'. Cadw is the Welsh Assembly Government's historic environment division. CADW boasts ...'We aim to

  • protect and sustain
  • encourage community engagement in
  • improve access to
the historic environment of Wales. This includes historic buildings, ancient monuments, historic parks, gardens and landscapes, and underwater archaeology.'

No officer gave the opposing view or really there was no council officer speaking in support of preserving the park as it is. No one mentioned the enormous damage the council had done to the park before they got planning permission.

The car park is defined as "highway" said Paul Carter. They want to chop it up and reassign the carpark as "detailed design"

What can we do now?

The whole thing is funded in large part by the heritage lottery fund so I think we should petition them and ask why they are supporting and funding a project which is destroying a beautiful listed park.

I did an interview with the BBC in the park where the destruction has already been started by Cardiff Council.

In the chair was BURFOOT. Patricia I think.

I believe these where the
dinosaur councillors who voted for a road into a listed park for articulated lorries!! Apologies for any inaccuracies or if I missed someone!! There should be seven..please let me know who is missing!
Publish Post

Plaid Cymru ISLAM. Mohammed-Sarul,
Lib HYDE. Keith
Lib JERRETT. Richard
Lib PEARCY. Cathy
New Lab PARRY. Jacqueline

The planning committee ..see them all