Friday, 24 October 2008

We don't understand the complexities of major city park!


Bute Park

Jennifer Stewart, Head of HLF Wales has copied me into her reply dated 21st October to your email addressed to her dated 19th October concerning the above.

The provision of a new vehicular access into Bute Park is an important element in the total Bute Park Regeneration Project.

The Council is committed to ensuring the total Park Regeneration Project is understood and implemented with the full involvement of all Park users. The process has already commenced and a number of specific public consideration exercises were undertaken in the preparation of our successful HLF bid. The process will continue and intensify with the benefit of the grant funding from HLF. The Council places a great deal of importance on the communication process I have referred to above.

I am taking this opportunity to attach a further information sheet The Council specifically produced in relation to the provision of a new access into the park. Hopefully this will be of assistance in clarifying and explaining the need for the bridge, the benefits it will bring to the park and the minimum impact it will have on this wonderful park.

As you are aware the proposal has now received Planning Consent. It appears to me that you may not have fully appreciated the complexities of managing a major City Centre Park and accordingly I would be happy to meet with you and outline The Councils responsibilities and vision for The Park. This will also enable you to raise and discuss your concerns. If you are agreeable, then please contact me on 02920 788355.

In view of your interests I have copied this response to Jennifer Stewart, Danielle Wheeler and Martin Buckridge of HLF.

Yours Sincerely

Pat Thompson

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