Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Plaid Cymru are not minded to oppose these roads through Bute Park

Cllr Delme Bowan Plaid writes on Bute Park Plan

I have now had time to consult on what is happening at Bute Park. As you know Lottery funding has been secured to conserve the Park. In general the plan is to open the Castle for free entry by pedestrians and cyclists from Duke Street. The public can then enjoy the ambience of Castle Green. The North Gate of the Castle would then be opened to pedestrians and cyclists only, allowing them free unimpeded use of the current pathways around the North Gate ( These are currently used by maintainance vehicles ). It is further intended to make a new entrance for the current vehicles nearer to the nursery areas which they serevice, hence the planning application for the feeder canal bridge. This was consulted on and passed,very few consultants turned up. I was involved ith you in checking the traffic sfaety arrangements re: Corbett Rd and cycle access
I have been advised that Cllr Gwenllian Lansdown is not empowered to call in a Planning issue for Scrutiny ( though this may be a WAG function).
I have also been advised that in the main, only some of the current paths in the Park will be used by vehicles accessing the nursery and Park for maintainance. Small changes will however be required at the bell shaped entrance from the new bridge and at the bends near the nursery to ensure safety. The County have also been advised that a few of the pathways may have to be raised in some areas so as to avaid any impact on the roots of trees.
I know of no commercial interests in respect of the nursery. I understand it supplies flowers for our city parks and plants for Cardiff In Bloom a national and european competition which we have won now for several years and which is much appreciated by the public. I understand that Horticulture at UWIC also has an interest and that appreniceships can be established in horticulture as an educational asset.
Plaid Cymru are not minded to oppose these public access developments.


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max wallis said...

Unfortunately Cllr Bowen does not disclose when saying he's been "advised" that the advice comes from offiers promoting the scheme (and the Park's Dept. plans to make money from events and the plant import-export business).

The officers pretend the lorries are to run on existing paths slightly modified. In fact
## 350mm or higher embankments to carry the lorries over tree roots
## trimming lower branches of 43 trees
## huge widths of the meadow taken for cornering
## layby for long lorries to wait while passing
## entirely new lorry "path" into the rear of the Nursery and back across meadowland between the magnificant spreading oaks (lower branches trimmed).

And of course pedestrians, wheelchairs etc. won't feel safe on a 4-metre wide road, being passed by a large 2.5m wide artic lorry, but probably scatter down the embankment. Then there's the visual intrusion of large lorries in the meadowland.

We don't want the plant nursery closed - it's the plant import-export business (artic lorries from Holland) that needs evicting.

Max Wallis