Monday, 5 July 2010

Join the Picnic in the park!

Dear All -passing on news of an 'event' in Bute Park!!!

Please could you advertise this in any way you can:

A few of us are having a picnic party to celebrate having such a wonderful park to use. The venue will be on our fantastic new bridge and the time will be between 11pm-3pm on Wednesday the 14th of July.

Why you may be wondering would we do such a thing. Well my merry friends during that week there will be one of the largest private parties in the park that has hit our beloved victorian green space in its history. Three music tents, 60 bands and £25 entrance fee. We need to remind our glorious leaders that there are some people who feel that such events go against the spirit of the parks covenant and that a free public park is just that, free.

I look forward to seeing you all there and hopefully we can have an awesome time catching up with each other and sipping tea with a back drop of trees and HGV's.

Oh and as more is always merrier please spread the word to all you now, even if you decide not to come. We will have some bunting and food but bring some yourselves and make it a picnic to bring joy to a harsh bridge.

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