Saturday, 10 January 2009

Cllr Howells - Articulated lorries best for park

Park – Echo 10th Jan 2009

“Over my dead body will anything bad happen to that park ”- plans in best interest of city” says leisure chief!

Coun Howells “What we are doing is in the best interests of Bute Park and will preserve what is one of the best examples of Victorian Parkland in the UK”.

Despite a letter from an assembly civil servant from writing on behalf of heritage minister heritage Alun Ffred Jones and calling for more consultation Coun Howells said that the council had no plans for further consultation nad the heritage lottery fund was not taking any interest in the work to the road or the lorry bridge.

We challenge Cllr Howells to attend a public meeting. Give us a chance to discuss it with you, he couldn't find the time to attend the last public meeting.

Bute Park group – join for discussion and documents

Tell him what you think!,
journalist who wrote the article,
write to echo
write to the Heritage lottery fund,

It will be over our dead bodies that Cllr Howells scars and destroys Bute Park and its landscape by building this ugly raised 4 metre wide roads with dangerous 2 metre long 1 in 5 slopes on either sidethrough Bute Park. It is extremely arrogant of Cllr Howells to state that he knows best. He has been corrupt in

1. Failing to ensure that the Bute Park new development was properly assessed for sustainability prior to implementation as in the Park & Green Space Strategy

2. Failing to consider a decision to limit the size of lorries in the Park as requested from Cllr Simon Wakefield).
3. Speaking at the planning meeting purely advocating the project without claiming to representing his electors’ views, and did not declare a prejudicial ‘interest’.

Cllr Nigel Howells, Exec member has the scheme in his portfolio
4. Reports from council officers were 'sexed down' to minimise the impact.
The Highways “Options Appraisal” was altered (between the January and August versions) to support the Parks’ claim of the present situation being ‘unsafe’ and the Project being ‘essential

There must be a comprehensive programme of public consultation on the proposed plans to restore the Park and I challenge Cllr Howells to give us a time he can attend a public meeting to give people the chance to answer these question and others.

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Gee from Cardiff said...

You just don't give up on this do you...

Go and read the plans, its not actually that bad, if anything it'll improve things for the park, and also in linked in the redevelopment of the RWCMD site.

Are you not more concerned with North Road being widened?

Propaganda campaign all over, just for some ego massage for you.