Thursday, 29 January 2009

Save the trees being chopped down at college of music

The Cabinet over-rode objections and approved the disposal of this
corner of the Park to the College on 15th January. If its reasons
... improving the provision of higher education in Cardiff, and ... support for the arts
don't meet the criteria of the Bute bequest and covenant, someone might still stop it.
So objecting to the tree felling is justified just if you think the council should stick to rules.

Cardiff council Planning give permission for new building at school of music on park land
having 'consulted' on the qt dismissing objections to give part of BUTE PARK away or for a peppercorn rent to the school of music.

Tree felling at College of Music prior to development consent

I understand from the Tree Officer Tony Lovelock that all the pre-conditions on the development of the new College auditorium have not been discharged. Nevertheless, work started on cutting down trees this afternoon and marking other trees for felling. The S211 order that allows the tree felling does not allow any works to carry out the plans.

council has not confirmed that
# there are pre-conditions that still remain to be fulfilled before any work under the planning consent can be started

# that disposal of the area of park for the development agreed by the Council/Cabinet is still subject to legal procedures including public consultation

# that the felling of trees required to carry out the planning permission (and not for specific aboriculture reasons) amounts to starting work.

# that such tree felling under a S211 consent still amounts to starting work on the development under the consent.

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