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Politican doesn't like playing politics..

Park alliance playing politics, says Berman

CARDIFF Council leader Rodney Berman has accused Bute Park campaigners of trying to undermine his Liberal Democrat/Plaid administration.

In his first interview about the row over the road through the park he accused a campaign group of using the issue to wreak political damage.

ynotsin wrote:
As someone who has had alook at the plans at City Hall I am against this development. The bridge will have to be enough to allow two lanes for articulated lorries. The passing and turning areas also take a lot of space. We don`t want this. Why don`t/won`t you people listen.
13/7/2009 11:22 BST on
labrinth wrote:
Where do these people get there figures from ? 1.4 MILLION POUNDS to build a road and a bridge ! Who's money do they intend to spend ? Somebody will be making alot of money...

SamW wrote:
Finally, Berman speaks! Who are these 'other' people who understand the plans Rodney?

You state "Our consultation has shown that this [opposition to the proposals] isn’t such an overwhelming view when people have had the proposals explained to them in a straightforward manner"

Where is this consultation? You have asked a few questions about what people think is worse, dog mess or litter, but there has been virtually nothing that encourages a real discussion. This has been proven by your complete failure to even discuss your position with Bute Parks Alliance.

Perhaps you should read your own scrutiny comittee report, released 18th June 2009 (pdf file)
One of the reports reccomendations states"
"Consider a pause in the development work taking place in Bute Park in order to foster dialogue between the opposing sides of the argument about Bute Park. As identified in the key findings,
competing claims on space can lead to problems in parks about priorities and use. It appears clear to the Task and Finish group that competing ideas on this important piece of civic space have
developed and become entrenched, and that open dialogue is the only way for this situation to
be remedied. Despite the desire for dialogue to occur, this should be not at the expense of jeopardising any funding that Council Officers
and Members have worked hard to secure."

No doubt, rather than engage in such a dialogue, in your arrogance you will recommend that the council executive dismiss this report altogether.

If you fail to behave in a democratic way, then you will be politically critisised. The development's in Bute Park will act as a monument to your failure to behave democratically.
13/7/2009 14:47 BST on

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PeterDCox wrote:
As a member of the Bute Parks Alliance I resent totally Rodney Berman's remarks. (As a ex-liberal democrat I have no current party affiliation btw.) Of course this is a 'political' issue. And if it affects the LibDem/Plaid administration, then so it should.
Some facts: I personally was invited to give a presentation to Plaid Assembly Members about the impact of the proposed cricket stadium who fully supported our stance against developments in Sophia Gardens (a stance supported btw by deputy council leader Neil McEvoy - how things change when you get into power!).
I personally, with two other residents, gave a presentation to Cardiff Council's own Scrutiny Committee (see above) as well as an official one by the BPA: I am delighted that so many of the points we made are reflected in that report. It will be interesting to see what the Executive of the Council does in the face of its recommendations. The report also acknowledges the failure of the administration to engage with the community.
I also attended and took part in a recent presentation by vice-chair of the BPA Alan Lane, to the Cardiff Labour Party. They too appreciated the 70 year long erosion of the Bute Parks. If they decide to make it a 'political' matter, then that is for them to decide.
Unfortunately, when politicians gain power - often more through guile than the ballot box - they assume absolute power. Five thousand signatures on the 'Moratorium Petition' seem now to count for nothing. But will they count when there is a council election?
If Mr Berman - or his deputy leader, let's share the political pain - would like to make a political issue of the Bute Parks and their very existence for our grandchildren, then let him resign and have a bye election. Let the voters choose.
13/7/2009 19:43 BST on
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gareth450 wrote:
As someone who spent 3 months researching the councils consultation report I can safely say that the general public are on record as being overwhelmingly opposed to the bridge. Over 1400 emails and letters are recorded in the councils own planning report for the bridge, an extraordinary amount of complaints for a single project.

I have had stalls in town and in the park where we had the councils own bridge plans on display and I chatted to well over 500 people about them. I was open in telling them the councils side and the oppositions side and only two people told me that they were for the bridge.

During this time I was not a member of Bute Park Alliance. I have no political affiliation as I consider most politicians to have no connection to the issues that are important to myself. More importantly, Rodney Berman why do you have a problem with people who do have a political affiliation, or is your problem that they are not affiliated your band of sheep?
13/7/2009 23:22 BST on
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SamW wrote:
Yasta, you said, "i did not see a road, just widened paths". 75% of the bridge is a 30 foot wide road, narrowing to 18 foot, it then splays out into a 2000 square foot t-junction. Did you think this was a path? The 'path' is being widened from 9 feet to between 12 and 18 feet. The 18 foot section has been described by Bermans executive elite as a 'passing place'. Perhaps it is a passing place if you are sat in the driving seat of an articulated lorry, as a pedestrian and cyclist its an unnecessarily wide road. Just to be clear, two new roads are being built, one to the east of the nursery and one to the north.

How you missed these features i'm not entirely sure.

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