Thursday, 2 July 2009

Plaid and Fib Dems form unholy alliance to wreck Capital City Parkland

New Labour attack Fib Dems and Plaid Lies except it was New Labour policy in the first place that fib dems and Plaid blindly followed so much for their policies and complete lack of green credentials!

Welsh Nationalists (Plaid) and Liberal anti- Democrats form unholy alliance to wreck Capital City Parkland - written by john frost

Posted on June, 26 at 10:44 pm

Strange but true. Those vile Machiavellian menaces of Welsh Politics the Lib Dem- Plaid Cymru coalition on Cardiff City Council have schemed away using gutter tactics to drive a bulldozer and wholly unnecessary roadbridge through one of the Capital’s greenest gems- Bute Park. (the nasty spirit of Wales’ most famous political failure- Lloyd George sadly lives on in Cardiff today) Bequeathed to the City on lease in perpetua by the Bute dynasty, the non existent green credentials of these shysters has been truly exposed for the hypocrisy it is. Led by Liberal anti-democrat Party leader Rodney Berman- gutter tactics ensured the rape of this prime quality green space will take place to give easier access for money spinning out door events.

There was high drama in the City Council Chamber with Green Protesters forcibly ejected from the gallery and both Labour and Conservative Members seen to be near to tears in despair. Read all about it at Wales on Line 26 June 09

Should shatter any illusions you may have about Lib -Lab pacts. They are the work of the devil.

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Cardiff councillors told to reject development plans for Bute Park or face revolt

COUNCILLORS on Cardiff's two ruling parties were today coming under direct pressure to vote against plans to build a 1.4m lorry bridge into the city's treasured Bute Park.

Park campaigners lose road fight - BBC News | All Recreation
campaigners lose road fight. BBC News A bid to halt work on building a new road and bridge in the grounds of Bute Park has been thrown out by Cardiff council. Campaigners called for a moratorium

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