Thursday, 6 August 2009

Blind leading the blind!

Blind group welcomes new access plans for Bute Park
A SUPPORT group for the blind has spoken out to welcome Cardiff council's plans to build new road access into Bute Park. The Cardiff Institute for the Blind ...

Which is safer ..a park with articulated lorries or a park withput articulated lorries ..think again!!

It would be useful if this group spoke to us about the plans. I would like to know what misleading information they have been given. The 'road' will be safer for some people who are trying to access the castle but it is NOT safe per se to have articulated lorries in the park nor environmentally sound. A raised road and turning circle up to half a metre high in some places with one in 5 slope as Pat Thompson (project manager) told me is far from safe.
The less people the greater the temptation for the lorries to speed.

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