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Lindsay Cuddy HLF conflict of interest?

ENVIRONMENTAL SCRUTINY COMMITTEE Lindsay Cuddy leads the Conservation Team within the Strategic Planning Division at Cardiff County Council. The team prepares policy and guidance on the historic built environment and works with others to ensure its protection and enhancement in development or restoration work.

Did Lindsey Cuddy who is on the Heritage Lottery
- HLF committee for wales sept 2008

ever report all the objections received by Cardiff council who employ her to the HLF as requested.

HLF Members were asked to let Martin Buckridge know of they received objections to The Bridge or lodge at Bute Park.

Did Cllrs know of Lindsay Cuddys role in the HLF?

I keep getting asked about the HLF role in all this and I am afraid that it is a key culprit in the building of the massive bridge!


HLF letter to me

"However we are conscious that the success of the HLF project will depend on the success of the new access bridge, and in particular the acceptance of the bridge by all users of the Park including local residents and community groups" Jennifer Stewart Heritage lottery fundENVIRONMENTAL SCRUTINY COMMITTEE

HLF & cardiff Council Execut_E_07_09_11_A_rep_R-2.pdf

5. In June 2006 the HLF approved a Stage 1 grant of £3.1m towards the overall cost of the project which amounts to £5.6m. The Stage 1 grant specified that the Council needed to demonstrate a commitment to construct

the new vehicular access into Bute Park and the offer excluded a contribution from HLF to the Bridge.

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6. On the 20 August 2007 the National Heritage Lottery wrote to the Council confirming that:-

“the Heritage Lottery Fund view the position of a new bridge over the docks feeder to provide access into the park from North Road as an essential element of the Bute Park Restoration Project.

“Accordingly Cardiff County Council will be required to demonstrate a firmcommitment to the bridge and provide a construction start date as part of its Phase 2 application to The Heritage Lottery Fund. Without this HLF will not

be in a position to commit its funding to the Bute Park Restoration works”.

7. Following the Stage 1 approval, a Stage 2 bid will be submitted in October 007 and subject to satisfactorily meeting the commitments and requirements of the HLF then confirmation of approval of the Stage 2 bid is

expected in spring 2008. Without this commitment and construction start

date from the Council by October 2007 there can be no Stage 2 bid to HLF.

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