Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Plaid split on concreting over Rumney Rec!

With elections looming even Plaid Cymru Cllr Concrete McEvoys own party are disowning his actions and the enormous environmental damage he is inflicting on Cardiff and his complete disregard for citizens views. Cllr Conrete McEvoy being shocked at Franks differing views shows his complete lack of understanding of green issues. Cardiff Plaid Cymru Cllrs have supported and campaigned with the Lib Dems FOR Building on GREEN SPACE in Cardiff, such as Rumney Recreation Ground, School playing fields, Junction 33 Business Park (called in by WAG), Building a massive bridge and road into listed BUTE PARK, chopping down loads of park TREES for articulated lorries and ignoring a petition of 5,000 and endless
demonstrations! See the latest pictures of the BUTE PARK destruction here

Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems have failed to listen to the people of Cardiff.
The only party you can trust with Cardiff Green Space is the Green Party. Vote for a change next time

Plaid ‘is at odds’ over school plan

ONE half of Cardiff council’s ruling coalition executive is coming under pressure from several levels of their party over the controversial decision to build a new school on parkland.

Plaid’s executive members on the Liberal Democrat/Plaid executive have been criticised by both local party workers and a regional Assembly Member over their backing for the plans in East Cardiff.

Party workers in Llanrumney have put out leaflets pledging to campaign against the plan to close Rumney and Llanrumney High Schools and build a new secondary school on Rumney Recreation Ground. The activists are also campaigning in favour of a legal bid promoted by the Labour Party to thwart the plans by having the land designated as a village green.

And in the latest blow to party unity, Plaid’s South Wales Central AM Chris Franks has written to Labour Education Minister Jane Hutt urging her to throw the council’s plans out.

In a letter to Ms Hutt, Mr Franks highlighted the environmental, traffic and social arguments against the plans and the 94% vote in a local referendum against the plans.

He said: “In view of the substantial and widespread opposition to the proposals, I would ask you to reject these particular proposals and ask Cardiff council to reconsider the future of secondary schools in Llanrumney and Rumney.

“I would like to further discuss this issue with you to highlight residents’ objections.”

Plaid’s group leader in Cardiff, Neil McEvoy, last night issued a group statement saying the council group was “shocked” by Mr Franks’ intervention. He said that this was the first time the group had heard from Mr Franks.

He said: “Given that the Llanrumney deal has unanimous group support and was part negotiated by Plaid’s chief executive Gwenllian Lansdown, we feel that Chris has shown remarkably poor judgement by going public on this issue.

“All parties have disagreements, but there is a process for this. There are issues on which we disagree with the Assembly coalition on, but up until now, we have been disciplined enough not to make public comment. The party matter will be dealt with internally as is proper and correct.”

Jane Hutt is expected to release her decision on the proposals for Rumney and Llanrumney next month.


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