Friday, 13 November 2009

Rodney Berman, talking about climate change in the city

Next Monday 16th Nov 7pm Rodney Berman is
"Among the speakers at the hearing at Cardiff City Hall on 16 November will be council leader Rodney Berman, talking about climate change in the city."
Should be interesting from the concrete eco crim who parks at the city hall door.
Conretes over Bute park, Rumney Rec, 100 acres green field for Junction 32 Business Park, sells school playing fields for building etc, wants a big burner, incinerator. Probably tell us he has changed his light bulbs. Lib Dem Jenny Wilmott MP says co mingled waste is better...haven't a clue!

Cardiff: 16 Nov, 7pm – Ferrier Hall, Cardiff City Hall
Speakers include: Charles Abani, Oxfam Regional Director for Southern Africa

Oxfam Climate Hearings
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.. bring the voices of those most affected by climate change direct to decision makers around the world at local, national, regional and international levels. From Aberystwyth to Zambia, Oxfam is organising events which will take testimony from people and turn their experiences into effective pressure.

From local villages to large-scale moments, the hearings will provide a platform for the people who are most vulnerable to climate change to place their experiences directly before those who can do something about it.

We are inviting people along to these public meetings where speakers will be giving their account of the impacts of climate change from their perspective. We are aiming to present both local and global stories, which we will record to put pressure on decision-makers at all levels of government – and at the crucial UN climate talks to be held in Copenhagen in December.

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