Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Heritage Lottery fund deceit

 I have written to the HLF yet again and made a freedom of information request  through the What do they know website  website to request the document they used to jusify insisting on a BRIDGE and road for articulated lorries through listed Bute Park!

Dear Heritage Lottery Fund,

I wrote to you on the 11 DEC 2009 and I am requesting the information yet again through this site to try to get the document requested and answers to my questions detailed below.

Following my FOI request you replied to me in Sept and told me
"the overall proposal for the Park which includes the elements which HLF is funding, was supported by  a detailed conservation based study and analysis."

It does not seem unreasonable to request that report. I have been waiting since Sept for a copy! I can assure you that I have not received a copy from Cardiff Council and as HLF has the report, please send me a copy. I am intitled to request this under the freedom of information act and therefore you are obliged to provide a copy. 

Re your Point 3- "The HLF is funding the upgrading of the paths, and 'turning bays', in Bute Park : this needs to be seen in the context of the agreed work plan for the conservation of the historic park."
Please can you explain this to me?

Please also provide the dimensions and plans for the 'path' for artic lorries that HLF (you) are funding through listed Bute Park from the Bridge? 

Which trees in listed Bute Park will be 'topped' or pruned back or lopped in any way along the route of the 'path' to make space/way for articulated lorries?

The new bridge you insisted must be built is a huge industrial-type, motorway- style bridge. It towers over the existing footpath and is totally out of character with the park as will your massive 'paths' and articulated lorry turning circle.

How can you justify this  road building in the park to the people of Cardiff  in the name of conservation of our heritage? Please, at least let us see the detailed conservation based study and analysis you based your decision on as requested above.

Yours faithfully,

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