Friday, 11 December 2009

Will we always have our park?

letter in Echo today..

THE more I hear from Cardiff council, the more I’m inclined to sympathise with the Bute Park campaigners.
Councillor Howells accuses them of “inaccuracies” but he claims that only one holly tree will be removed to make way for the bridge. But what about all the trees removed from the embankment joining the park to the very busy North Road?
He says these were all dead or dying and have been independently surveyed. But will they be replaced?
This area used to be quiet and isolated from the road but now all that can be experienced is the roar of traffic and the scent of exhaust fumes.
He goes on to criticise Nerys Lloyd-Pierce for describing the new bridge as “motorway style”, but nowhere does he refute this.
I often walk through this part of the park and I have seen the new bridge in construction and it is a huge industrial-type, motorway- style bridge. It towers over the existing footpath and is totally out of character with the park.
Coun Howells’ only justification for this bridge is “health and safety” but the bridge is only moving vehicles from one part of the park to another. The only true way to enhance safety is to ban heavy good vehicles from the park and to move the nursery and plant distribution centre to a brownfield site outside of the city centre.
And finally, I agree it is not a question whether Bute Park can win this award three years in a row but whether, in 30 years’ time, we will still have a park at all.
PA Martin

Note 2 Sept 2009 the Echo reported that..Coun Margaret Jones also jetted off to Stockholm for the Globe Forum Awards as a guest of the organisers to receive an award for Cardiff as a sustainable city from Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.
“It proves we are helping to lead the way in sustainability, not just in Europe, but right across the globe. We now look forward to continuing that success in the years to come,” said Coun Jones at the time.

You couldn't make it up!

WalesOnline - News - Letters - South Wales Echo Letters - Friday ...

13 Nov 2009 ... IN a recent Echo report, Councillor Howells stated that 21 trees in Bute Park were to be felled because of disease (“We must kill trees to ...

Note Cllr Howells Fib Dem

Coun Howells also made the second most frequent declarations of hospitality so far in 2009, declaring events including hospitality at the Bafta Cymru awards, Six Nations rugby clashes, a Cardiff Devils dinner and other engagements.
Councillor Nigel Howells, who is responsible for sport, parks and culture, travelled to the German city of Leipzig to see the city’s white-water rafting and canoe course.

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