Saturday, 13 March 2010

Cardiff Fib Dems boast of "protecting our parks and winning awards too"

The Cardiff fib Dems have been distributing a news paper called the Cardiff Herald  a4 page newspaper which they doesn't say the Fib Dem's produced it themselves...only know if you are looking for it at the very end in tiny print.

Fib Dems have such a cheek to claim to be green for "protecting our parks"  as they concete over Bute Park as you read this!!! And for articulated lorries..???
They boast too of green flag award for Cardiff parks and wouldn't disclose who the judges why hide that info unlesss it show bias!!

so what else do they say...some highlights..
"we have launched a new free shuttle service which circles the city every ten minutes" which has been a disaster
"new routes for Cardiff bus  - reducing carbon and congestion" !!!
make bus routes one way and inconvenient and claim its green!!! Making more space for cars?? Building huge car parks ... so reduce the buses and call that green?? Couldn't make it up!!

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