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ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER so just for once raising this disaster..
27th Feb '10

Yesterday, Western Power began emptying Llanishen reservoir. They have set up pipes through which they are pumping water over the embankments into the Nant Fawr. 
It seems they can draw off the top three metres of water without requiring permission, but thereafter need to obtain a drainage consent from the Environment Agency. 
The reservoir engineer who has been employed by RAG estimates that there will be a minimum of 10,000 cubic metres of silt on the bottom of the reservoir. 
If only a small fraction of this is washed into the Nant Fawr it will do enormous environmental damage to the stream and it will all end up in Roath Park Lake, adding to the silting problems there. 

Draindown could not have come at a worse time for the exceptionally large population of toads which normally breed in Llanishen reservoir. Within the next two weeks they will be migrating to their traditional breeding site to spawn

Western Power tells us that it is keen to be green - their new environmental initiative? It claims its aim is to protect and enhance the communities served by us. And they do exactly the opposite!! Green wash of the year award!!!

I wrote to Mr. James Miller Chairman, President & CEO Pennsylvania Power and Light Corporation re their subsidiary Western Power Distribution objecting to the draining of the reservoir.
The reply... 

I’m writing to acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail to James Miller regarding Western Power Distribution’s activities related to the Llanishen and Lisvane Reservoirs.
While I know that there is some understandable concern among nearby residents regarding development plans for the reservoirs, PPL believes that the plan being pursued by WPD is appropriate.
I have passed along your letter to our offices in the U.K. for an additional response to your inquiry.

Rick L. Klingensmith
President, PPL Global

You can email them too!,,

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Anonymous said...

"Turkeys voting for Christmas?"
Are residents below Llanishen Reservoir unaware they are voting for 1.5 million tons of water to be stored above their houses and local school? If the earth embankment dam bursts - there will be massive loss of life, including children. Llanishen reservoir is at 45m elevation (nearly 50 yards elevation). It was built at that height to supply water to Cardiff by 'gravity assist' or 'gravity feed', but as such the elevation presents a clear danger to the school and residents below the dam if there is a breach. If there is a breach we would be looking at an Aberfan in the heart of Cardiff, the nation’s capital.