Thursday, 27 October 2011

What are they doing to Bute Park?

Bute Park Clutter outside new 'education' centre gives wrong message
What are they doing in Bute Park?
This so called restoration project means this mess and clutter outside the new education centre cafe/toilets  in Bute Park  

Bute Park education centre a wash out with dodgy door
 Were cyclists consulted over the cycle rack newly built by the £920 000 "Education Centre"?  4 stands behind the bin in what was meadow next to the roadway rather than adjacent to the wall appears intended to maximise visual impact - in the Park "restoration" project which is more akin to Park "urbanisation".
Is this design of door safe? 
Plaid Mayor Delme Bowen has to drive 200 yds to listed Bute Park 
 If only they had thought of using permeable surfaces - then the 'all seasons ' cafe wouldnt be flodded. 
This cafe has the added attraction of seating just outside the toilets. 

And if you are disabled then forget trying to fight your way through to the toilets...between the tables!

Disabled people weren't consulted either.

But of course if you are Lord Mayor you need a £1.4 million bridge to be driven for the few hundred yard journey from the City Hall to the 'restoration' commercialisation project led by a project leader with a degree in geology.  

A quick dive back to the car hidden around the corner. How much did the personalised number plate cost? More than a youth club in Splott that you closed? 

Makes a run for it to avoid demonstrators 
Delme Bowen Plaid Cymru you are a disgrace to the people whos money you squander on this vehicle and driver when you could easily walk or cycle. what a white elephant that doesn't belong in any park never mind a listed one. A flooded entrance, toilets and cafe...who did design this? If only you had a proper consultation and shared the plan with public first. But then The libdems and Plaid would actually have to listen to people. 

If only they'd thought of a Permeable Surface

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