Thursday, 16 April 2009


Young people have taken over the city centre and its a nightmare -
don't let them wreck the park!!

Last year party in Bute Park 'left city parklands trashed last year.'

With a new road there will be no stopping these events.


The facebook page
boasts ....'
we have confirmed a 1000 capacity Marquee for a week Thursday, April 23rd in Sophia Gardens. We have been granted a license for a SILENT RAVE. more info to follow, if you would like to get involved get in touch here:...
If all goes well with this then it will open up the park to more events this year.'

Promoters launch bid for rave in Bute Park


Promoters launch bid for rave in Bute Park

Apr 11 2009 by David James, South Wales Echo

A PETITION calling for an outdoor rave in Cardiff has been launched by music promoters linked to a summer party that left city parklands trashed last year.

More than 1,200 people have signed up to support the call for “legalised, planned, outdoor parties that can take place safely and be enjoyed by thousands of people”.

No summer dance parties have been granted permission to be held around Cardiff’s Grade I listed Bute Park after the unauthorised party on Pontcanna Fields last May, which spiralled out of control.

At the time, the city council described the unapproved party, that followed a sunny afternoon during which students and young people set up barbecues on the fields and listened to music, as a “thoughtless and destructive event” that resulted in branches from trees ripped down and used for fires.

Previously, permission had been granted for a 1,000-capacity marquee in Sophia Gardens in April last year.

The event featured Cardiff-born drum and bass DJ High Contrast and was organised by city promoters CYNT and Tantrum.

The new petition, which appears on the social networking site Facebook, has been created from a profile in the name of CYNT promoter Steve Francis.

It reads: “Please join this group to show the powers that be that legalised, planned, outdoor parties can take place safely and be enjoyed by thousands of people who are deciding to venture outside of Cardiff in order to have a good time.

“It’s too late for this summer but by showing your support that you would attend a day of great music, we can aim high for 2010.”

Mr Francis, who played records at the unauthorised May party in Pontcanna Fields last year but has said he was not the event’s organiser, denied being the creator of the petition and said about 20 promoters had access to his Facebook account.

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David said...

What an overblown response. I attended this organised event - didn't know about the illegal one last year. I reckon this event has caused zero to no damage to the park. It was really well organised and had proper flooring, bins and toilets. Cardiff residents are missing out on a big festival this year.