Thursday, 16 April 2009

Save Bute Park action


Upcoming events:

18th/19th April - RHS Show

23rd April - Full council meeting - an opportunity to pose questions to the Council re. green spaces

As the RHS is supportive of the building of the bridge and road in Bute Park we have decided to set up an info stand and banners to inform visitors of our views on these developments.

Banners and a small number of placards have been made.

Please feel free to make some more!

We will be setting up near the entrance on North Road

10am - 2pm Saturday 18th April

10am - 2pm Sunday 19th April

Hopefully see you there!


At the next Full Council meeting on the 23rd April there will be a discussion on the issue of green spaces.

Members of the public can submit questions to the Council which if selected will be answered at the meeting.

A question has to be in no later than 5.00pm five working days before the meeting. It must give your name and address and say which member of the Council Executive the question is to be put to.

You can e-mail the question to Jeff Parry, Committee Services

You sit in the Council chamber to hear the reply, which you will get in writing just before the meeting, after you get your answer you can ask one supplementary question.

(see attached for more info)

We will be staging a small demo outside County Hall prior to the meeting and then as many of us as possible will sit in the meeting.

Again feel free to make more placards and banners!

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