Saturday, 18 April 2009

RHS Flower show picket

I have been in Bute Park most of the day with the BPA stall and leafleting and talking to visitors to the RHS flower show much to the chagrin of the Robert Corp, Special Events Manager, Cardiff Council Marketing & Tourism! He stood nearby us all day and told me it was against the bye laws to hand out leaflets by approaching folk but they may approach me for a leaflet! So I invited folk to approach me for a leaflet which made for some amusement! The events manager
then found some fancy leaflets full of spin which the council had a PR company produced and had his staff wait to be asked for a copy!

There seems to be no political opposition to anything these days! No calls for this to stop from any of the political parties in office - only the Green Party have spoken out against it!
Most people are surprised that the lib dems Cllrs Berman and Howells have such a crazy stupid policy to build a new road at our expense into a listed park!

My mobile is in for repair! so no thrilling pics for you today!

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