Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Fib Dem Howells forced to halt bridge work...

Public pressure forced them Cllr Berman and Cllr Howells Fin Dems and Neil McEvoy of Plaid Lies to pull back from their plans to start on the bridge.
After bringing in heavy equipment and saying the start was imminent, the council contractors have been sent back to wait for nesting birds.
Why do we have so much trouble getting Cardiff council to stick to the rules.

The Planning department received a request to clear vegetation on the site on the 23th June and a report by the Council’s ecologist was received on the 24th.

In summary the ecologists confirmed the presence of nesting birds within the site and the planning department have advised the applicant (note the applicant here is Cardiff Council itself) that they do not consider it appropriate to allow the clearance of vegetation at this time.

I have put a copy of the report / correspondence on the planning application file [07-2649-C] which is available at the Planning reception desk in City Hall.

Kind Regards.

Richard Cole

Senior Planning Officer

Council - Cyngor Caerdydd Room 128 - Ystafell 128 City Hall - Neuadd y Ddinas l
- Caerdydd CF10 3ND t - Ff 029 20 871668 e - E rcole@cardiff.gov.uk
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