Friday, 12 February 2010

Green Flag secret judges? WHAT HAVE THEY GOT TO HIDE?


I can not understand why the identity of the green flag judges can not be disclosed! Why is there the need to keep this information secret? Judging parks is hardly something to be secretive about! Unless of course, if disclosed the judges would then be identified as having links to the Lib Dems or/and Plaid Cymru politicians in Cardiff. It is in the public interest to know who these judges are. It is in the public interest to know that the judges are impartial. My conclusion is that there is something to hide from the public.
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Bradshaw, Phillip
Cardiff Council

12 February 2010

Dear Ms Greagsby

I am disappointed to note that you have flagged this request as rejected. It was not rejected and we provided the information you requested other than the redaction of the names and contact details of the Green Flag judges. At no time during the request or review did you make any representations on this point.

I have sympathy with the point you make about knowing the identity of the judges being in the public interest. However the exemption under FOI for personal data is not subject to the public interest test.

The Council accepts that you have a legitimate interest in requesting this information. Nevertheless we consider that disclosing it is unwarranted having regard to the prejudice to the rights freedoms and legitimate interests of the judges.

Award judges are unpaid volunteers and in our view we should respect their expressed wishes for anonymity. Our understanding is that they receive appropriate training and guidance from the Green Flag organisation and would be expected to disqualify themselves if there was any suggestion of conflict of interest.

I am sure that the Department for Communities and Local Government can provide you with further information about their procedures and processes on request.

Phillip Bradshaw

Information Manager
Democratic Services

Room CY4A, County Hall

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Phone: 029 2087 3346
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Information is the Currency of Democracy

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