Thursday, 11 February 2010

Listed Bute Park tree destruction

 The destruction of listed Bute Park continues against the wishes of the people of Catrdiff to build a road in the park for articulated lorries!!! 

Cardiff council are allowing contractors to run a loaded dumper truck along the track of the path from which the surface tarmac and base have been stripped, taking gravel etc. to the north of the Nursery.
This presumably means the truck runs over the tree roots that were supposed to be protected at great cost.
Though dumper trucks have wide tyres to spread the load, this means less damage to near surface roots but not to those a foot or so deep.
We haveasked the council if  the contractors obtained technical advice that their procedure does not damage the tree roots? And if not, will Cardiff Council intervene to stop it to prevent further damage?

The 'Heritage' lottery fund is  paying for this destruction of Bute Park. 
CADW have nothing to say!
Plaid  Cymru and Lib Dems fought to destroy the park ignoring the people of Cardiff and indeed Wales!

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