Friday, 19 February 2010

Will Jane Davidson AM save Bute Park?

Max has written to Jane Davidson, Minister for Planning, Welsh Assembly Government - 

The Request to the Minister under Article 4 of the GPDO is to issue an Order withdrawing permitted development rights for developments including upgraded paths and/or roadways in Bute Park, Cardiff
The letter, was delivered to her office, together with the e-files of enclosures for it.
Kindly confirm that you will consider this request with urgency, in view of the fact that damaging developments are already underway. And all, he got back was an email saying ..."This to confirm that we have received your correspondence to Jane Davidson Dated 11/02/2010. This is receiving attention and we aim to respond within 17 working days 15/03/2010." This is too late. Please write now to Jane Davidson and ask her to act NOW!
Write to the paper too. More info and pictures in last post.

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