Saturday, 17 April 2010

broken promises and damage to meadow woodland in Bute Park

 Just where we were protesting the other day at the entrance to the new bridge there were 4 cars parking inside just where the head of events promised there would be no illegal parking. 
In front of a policeman he promised to put a marchal at the cycleway but hasn't. 
I am surprised that RHS is responsible in part for the damge to the habitat and bio diversity  in Bute Park. The show grows and more and more people are coming into the listed park with 4 x 4s, lorries, cars as if it was a car park! The RHS should be acting in a more sustainable way!

We are writing to Cardiff Council again ----- who show no regard for the bio diversity of listed Bute park! Or the pedestrian and cyclists using the park.  And the welsh assembly let this building proceed in spite of approaches and pleading! Such much for a sustainable Wales policy! Not worth the paper it is wrtten on!

We note there has been significant damage to the meadow-woodland in Bute Park between the feeder canal and the Nursery, despite a SINC (special interest for nature conservation) being declared for this area last year on account of the (rare) waxcap fungi.
Could you kindly supply documents showing what assessment was made of potential damage by
  • use of tar-macadam which would leach chemicals including PAHs
  • use of grass turves which could harbour organisms harmful to the waxcaps
  • spreading of quantities of imported soil and sand which could bring in microorganisms and chemicals harmful to the current waxcap-friendly ecosystem.
We see that the grassland and woodland area affected by the works is as much as 4.5-5 metres either side of the roadways, compared with 2 metres specified in the planning documents.  Can you supply documents to show how and why this substantial deviation from proposals put at the planning stage came about, including who was consulted within the Council?

For constructing pathway/road through the meadow, the planning consent required avoiding damage to tree roots and trees which are of high amenity value.  As the contractors removed grass in excavations prior to laying the base of the widened road and, in doing so, exposed and cut tree roots, please supply documentation on how this was reported by the developer and/or checked by Council officers, and documents on steps taken or to be taken over the breaches of Condition 10. 

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Matthew said...

Fully support what you guys are doing at Bute Park. It's disgusting the way the Council are treating us with things like this. Broken promises need fixing pronto.