Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Protest Thursday 12.30 at new bridge entrance North Road

Big Protest tomorrow our demands were not answered... so we have yet another protest..
The lorries and all the cars and vans going inot the park pose a real DANGER TO Cyclists as they turn in over the cycle lane!
As well as fill the park with unwanted traffic!!!

Take Action See you there on thursday 12.30 to 1.30 at BUTE PARK new bridge entrance on north road .
No answer back from Del-boy (Cllr Delme Bowen Plaid C) over our challenging driving on the mandatory cycleway as unlawful. Nor from the 'Leader' (Cllr Berman Lib Dem) who promised immediate attention.
Love to hear from any election candidates who will support our action and attend tomorrow?

What we asked...
To Council Leader, Rodney Berman plus Exec Member for Transport Delme Bowen

New Bute Park entrance – unsafe and unlawful

The entrance was picketed around 1pm on 8th april and vehicles turned away. You will have seen the Echo report of 9th April and the excuses of the Council spokesperson that fail to mention the unlawful driving and do not claim a safety assessment of the scheme as built.

We demand that Cardiff Council close it and revert to the old entrance for the Royal Horticultural Show traffic, until the safety and legality issues are resolved.

The design is a disgrace, destroying the pavement along North Road for 30 metres, and providing nothing for pedestrians crossing from the Corbett Road side, at a junction where drivers of fast-moving vehicles wishing to turn into the Park may well be distracted from noticing pedestrians and cyclists.

Vehicle left turns across a cycleway are a recognised hazard to cyclists, and this design is worse than many. This cycleway is mandatory - driving on it is unlawful. New markings denoting “give way” by cyclists are not legal. The no-driving stipulation means vehicles cannot lawfully access the Park this route. The police did not intervene - the picket was fully successful in stopping the unlawful vehicles.

We call on Cardiff Council to withdraw their traffic marshal (complicit with law breaking) and close this gateway to vehicles for the RH Show forthwith.
Please confirm that you will ensure action is taken without further delay.

Max Wallis
CCAB, Cardiff University
with support of
Cardiff Green Party
Save Bute Park action group
Bute Parks Alliance
Cardiff Cycling Campaign
Living Streets

NOTE >>>SAVE RUMNEY REC meeting tomorrow -.WAG have apporved building on rec!!!
I am stunned that the WAG have approved this scheme which is unstainable and environmentally damaging and will effect peoples health as their means of recreation is taken from then and make their lives unhappy!  The WAG and the council shoulsdd listen to the local peoples views which is clearly agaisnt their scheme!
 The Green Party support this campaign.



THURSDAY, 15th APRIL, 2010
7:30 pm

The Campaign Continues

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