Saturday, 10 April 2010

Can't trust CADW helping transform Bute Park into Vehicle Heaven

CADW shame! How can they justify this ugly bridge in a listed park?

2.  Has Cadw looked at/viewed the new bridge now it has been built?

Gweinyddu Henebion / Ancient Monuments Administration reply

Yes. Cadw’s Inspector of historic parks and gardens visited the site on 20 January 2010 and considers that the authority appears to have adhered to the design as contained in the approved planning application. The visit confirmed that the timber cladding on the bridge had been put in place since the date of your e-mail and that the significant trees nearest the works are being well protected by timbers. The Council has provided laminated information sheets within the park to help provide information to members of the public and explain the extent of the work being carried out.  The construction works are on going and not yet complete.  Responsibility for ensuring that they conform to the planning permission rests with the Council’s Development Control Department.

1.  Will Cadw now review its support of the “road” to be built through the park and turning circle?
"Cadw’s letter of 19 September 2008, issued in response to consultation from the local planning authority, was to help inform its consideration of the planning application. Cadw’s assessment of the impact of the proposals on the historic environment was objective and impartial and taken into account, along with other views and material considerations, by the local authority when it determined the application."
CADW should think of a listed park like a store and NO vehicles should be allowed in unless absolutely vital - environmentally friendly small vehicles only - get the gardeners on their bikes and absolutely no parking for staff/gardeners own vehicles in the park. They should be encouraged to park and ride or bus or walk to work.

And in the top picture note than even twiggy would have trouble with this footpath!

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