Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New access is crossing a “mandatory” cycleway – driving on this is traffic offence.

The opening of the new/ Corbett Rd bridge into But park missed Easter, despite overtime working to meet that deadline, because of some ‘thisngs to sort out’, the workmen said.

The new access to Bute Park for artic lorries is crossing a “mandatory” cycleway – driving (and parking) on this one is a traffic offence.  The Council would have to make a new Order as they’ve restored the cycleway within a solid white line but haven't yet..

Cyclists objections to this design as unsafe/dangerous for them have been ignored.

The hazard of such a junction to cyclists comes because vehicle drivers turning off the main highway pay regard to the traffic lights and other vehicles and may well miss cyclists, though they are supposed to give way to them.

The solution proposed to Council officers was to re-lay the cycleway close to the fence, maybe on a raised hump and including signing.  They’ve ignored this no doubt because they say the road is only an “access” and traffic laws do not apply.  So the only recourse that cyclist have is to object to changing the mandatory cycleway to allow vehicle crossover.

 No safe crossover to and from Corbett Rd has been designed, when they just lengthened the splitter island.  Is this contravening the Disability Discrim Act? They could have widened it sufficiently to take a wheelchair - but didn't.

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