Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bulldozer Howells gives work go ahead on BUTE PARK road despite the birds

Cardiff Council apparent intention is to ignore the nesting season Condition 20.
Case officer Richard Cole had no approach to waive the condition on
no tree-clearing or vegetation clearing till 31 July, no 'ecologist' report from the developers...
if the contractors come across nesting birds then they'd have to stop.

He doesn't appreciate how much vegetation is there, saying all the trees have gone already (untrue). So it would take some pressure to force them to acknowledge that moving any equipment onto the site would indeed disturb any nesting birds - so agree to stop this until and unless it is conclusively shown there are no nesting birds there.

Have you got the skills to inspect and record birds on/near the site?

Bulldozer Howellls is allowing work to start on a huge bridge and ROAD into listed Bute Park for articulated lorries. This destruction and concreting over of swathes of the memorial gardens in Bute Park is totally unnecessary. Bulldozer Howells uses the Capital Times to lie about his plans. He calims to have only one tree will be chopped down when we have photographs that clearly show all the tress felled and those that are still to be felled.Only bulldozer Howells and his lib dem council could contemplate such an act of vandalism on the jewel of Cardiff, listed Bute Park and claim to to be 'green' at the same time..
1,633 people on the Green Party Facebook group ACT NOW to save Bute Park say STOP IT!

While Cadw stand by!! And the heritage lottery fund fund 'restoration' of the park!

The Law ** as I understand it makes it an offence to
intentionally take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird whilst it is in use or being built
so the Planning cdn should/must mean more than this.

It should mean in this situation that nesting birds must be presumed present - and likely to suffer from disturbance - in the adjacent trees/bushes as well as the undergrowth. I found Gloucestershire's guide - below - there must be people who know good practice (biodiversity officer or RSPB)

Of course, if someone could find a nest in the undergrowth, that would be conclusive.

** Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 as strengthened in January 2001 by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000
PROTEST write to Cardiff Cllr for parks,
Lib dem leader of the council,
Write to the echo and you may like
to give your views to CADW
write to the Heritage lottery fund,

Gloucestershire Bird Nesting Advice Note
As a general rule, it should be assumed that birds will be nesting in trees, scrub, reeds or substantial ditch side vegetation during the core breeding period, unless a survey has shown this not to be the case.

The following protocol should be followed if work is deemed to be necessary within or close to the core bird nesting season, or may affect the habitat of a species known to nest outside the core season.
• Before works commence a suitably qualified or experienced person should undertake a careful survey of the proposed working area to ensure that there are no nesting birds.

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