Monday, 29 June 2009

Dear Rodney..NO EIA on urban development of a sensitive area

To FIB DEM Cllr R Berman leader of Cardiff council

My dear Rodney

Perhaps you would like to answer some straight forward key questions for a change.

Re Bute Park £1.4 bridge and road for lorries ...

Why is there NO EIA on urban development of a sensitive area, nor a full sustainability assessment as in the Parks Strategy.

Why was Nigel Howellls permitted to intervene at the planning Cttee meeting?..

This intervention was contrary to your code of conduct with his conflicting interest!

looking forward to a swift reply

I shall be also writing to the Local government ombudsman to complain.

for Cllrs Berman, Howells, and McEvoy

No articulated lorries in a LISTED PARK!

Dump the plastic bottles

Ban the use of water bottles in all municial buildings. Would be a a start and hopefully it will catch on to the rest of the country. Water bottles are really such a waste especially when you consider most of us have access to clean, fresh amazing tap water here in WALES.

Just buy an aluminum water bottle and re-use that throughout the day!

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