Thursday, 25 June 2009

last minute tricks by Fib Dems and Plaid Lies

Last minute amendment to motion 3 but still proceeding with the road/bridge into listed bute park.

Support has been given by cllrs and others with downright misleading information and out right lies.

We do not accept that the Council needs to drive massive articulated lorries, containing bedding plants from Holland, into their premier heritage park, or that the £1.4 million pound bridge is necessary for health and safety reasons related to events in the park.

Wasting £1.4 million of public money
Note the start of work without planning permission
Deceiving the public and heritage lottery fund and CADW about the actual design
Misleading maps in the recent capital times
Didn't follow their own policy on green spaces and parks -
No environmental impact assessment
No waiting until after nesting season as in planning conditions
No disability equality impact assessment had been conducted in making the decision, as required under the DDA 2005

This is more greenwash and the public won't fall for it

Plaid and lib Dems or Fib Dems and Plaid lies have lost all credibility when it comes to green credentials - It is indeed the age of stupid to proceed with outdated and environmentally destructive policy.

Amendment 2 to Motion 3
Delete all and replace:
This Council recognises that our city centre park complex, namely Bute
Park, Sophia Gardens, Pontcanna Fields and Llandaff Fields are
invaluable to our city and are recognised by everyone as treasured open
This Council notes:
1. The decision of the Labour administration on 5th February 2004
that approved the Parks Partnership Programme and the application
for funding under the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Public Parks
Initiative for the Bute Park Restoration Project.
2. The approval by the Executive on 5th July 2007 of the Council’s
Parks and Green Spaces Strategy 2007-2012.
3. The unanimous decision of the Full Council on 27th September
2007 that agreed the provision of a new vehicular and pedestrian
access bridge for Bute Park off North Road.
4. The subsequent capital allocations for the Bute Park Restoration
Project and the new vehicular and pedestrian access bridge for
Bute Park in the Council’s Capital Budgets for 2008/09 and
This Council welcomes the award by the Heritage Lottery Fund of a grant
of £3.1 million towards a total budget spend of £5.6 million for the Bute
Park Restoration Project that will see:
· Restoration and repair of the Animal Wall
· Re-flooding of the Mill Leat on the western side of the castle
· Restoration and conservation of the Blackfriars Friary site
· Restoration and conservation of the West Lodge
· Development of new visitor facilities at the West Lodge
· Development of a new training / education centre at the Castle
· Reinstatement of the Victorian Summerhouse based on the original
Burgess design
· Restoration of elements of the Victorian garden layout of Andrew
· Appointment of Bute Park based Apprentices in addition to
existing horticultural apprentices
· Appointment of Bute Park based gardeners
· Provision of opportunities for work experience / work placement in
conjunction with schools, colleges and universities
· Provision of new seating, litter bins, signage and interpretation
throughout the park
This Council notes the Statement on Continuing Community Involvement
included within the Bute Park 10 Year Maintenance and Management
This Council welcomes the intention of the Executive to open up the
North Gate of Cardiff Castle thus creating an additional pedestrian access
to Bute Park and allowing a natural pedestrian link from St Mary Street
and High Street, through Cardiff Castle and on into Bute Park.
This Council welcomes the desire to reduce the conflict between
pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles within Bute Park, to better control the
movement of vehicles within Bute Park and to significantly reduce the
number of vehicle miles travelled within Bute Park.
This Council notes that following last year’s highly successful National
Eisteddfod, the construction work involved in restoring the site is now
complete and, subject to aftercare and establishment of the area, the four
reconstructed cricket tables will be available for play during next season.
This Council notes that Glamorgan County Cricket Club have progressed
its own arrangements to facilitate media coverage for the forthcoming
Ashes Test at the Swalec Stadium.
This Council calls on the Executive to:
1. Develop proposals to encourage community involvement in the
restoration programme and the aftercare of Bute Park.
2. Not progress the proposed reconfiguration of the car park at Sophia
3. Continue to progress the objectives of the Council’s Parks and
Green Spaces Strategy 2007-2012.
4. Bring forward a report, within this financial year, outlining the
progress of the Parks and Green Spaces Strategy 2007-2012 for
scrutiny by the Economy and Culture Scrutiny Committee.
5. Explore opportunities for ensuring the conservation of Bute Park’s
unique horticultural and heritage features through protective
Proposed by Councillor Nigel Howells
Seconded by Councillor Neil McEvoy

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