Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Cllr Howells Lib Dems lies and propaganda on BUTE PARK

Why is Cllr Howells and the LIB DEMS spending council tax payers money on such blatant propaganda!! read June edition of Capital times yourself here

Q: There has been some criticism about the council’s proposals for Bute Park, why do you think that is?: "I think the main reason is because people aren’t being told the truth about our proposals by some of those who are opposing it. If someone said to me that a dual carriageway was being bulldozed through the park, trees were being cut down and the council was going use the park as a cash cow to host more events I’d be furious too."
Councillor Howells lies as no one ever suggested that a dual carriageway was to be built through the park!
TRUTH - shocking dimensions of the proposed access bridge - larger, wider, higher than the council has admitted to, and raised on concrete pillars.

Q: So what exactly are the proposals? Executive member for Sport Leisure and Culture, Councillor Nigel Howells,
"We are building a new access bridge off North Road which will allow service vehicles that need access to avoid the busiest areas of the park. The new bridge will take vehicles away from the historic heart of the park, leaving it traffic free for the public to enjoy. This will significantly improve both the safety of park users and reduce the damaging effects vehicles cause to the unique heritage of the park."

TRUTH:NO NO NO There won't be more SAFETY for PARK USERS - it won't as it moves the traffic and articulated lorries and the risk to pedestrians elsewhere.

Q: What about criticism about paths being widened and trees cut down to accommodate
the bridge?
Councillor Howells: "There will be some widening of
paths near the new bridge (to 8 metres) so that vehicles can get into the park and access the nursery and some paths will be marginally extended, but the truth is
that this will have minimal visual impact on the park (really???) Only one holly tree is being lost as a direct result of the development " LIE

JUST Look at what Cllr Howells has done in BUTE PARK and need I say that more than one tree has been chopped and the one with the X for the chop!! And there are the trees that are to be chopped back to accommodate passing articulated lorries!

Q: There have also been arguments about the bridge leading to more vehicles entering the park and the council laying on more events to generate more money.
Councillor Howells: I can categorically deny both
these points. They are simply untrue. .. All the restoration work will be
enhanced by provision of on site visitor facilities and interpretation. The nursery will be developed as an educational and training centre for our own staff, schools and the community,
Furthermore we will be able to increase staffing levels within the park. (and increase Traffic)

Q: You have also been accused of not consulting over these plans and forcing them through.
Councillor Howells: Again, nothing could be further from the truth. We have consulted extensively over our plans and had widespread support from
many organisations including historic bodies. In terms of the bridge it went
through the correct planning process with all legal requirements rigorously
adhered to." except for the work illustrated in the photographs went ahead WITHOUT permission!!

During the Royal Horticultural Society’s Spring Flower Show weekend" thousands of visitors signed a petition against and were horrified to hear more of the park was to be concreted over! Not to mention the thousand plus who signed the petition and wrote to cllrs to complain about the plans and who Cllr Howells has ignored. Lib Dems have also ignored the 1,628 members facebook group of objectors to their plans!

Q: Finally, how important is Bute Park to Cardiff.
Councillor Howells: "There has been a lot of misinformation regarding Cardiff Council’s plans to build a new access bridge into Bute Park."
YES and Cllr Howells is the one giving the misinformation!

Find out the facts, which include:

*The shocking dimensions of the proposed access bridge - larger, wider, higher than the council has admitted to, and raised on concrete pillars.

*Roadways enlarged and raised to accommodate articulated lorries.

*Mature trees lopped to allow huge lorries to pass.

*A turning circle on the meadow - yet more tarmac to allow articulated lorries freedom of access into our park.

Add your voice to the campaign and join Bute Parks Alliance

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