Thursday, 25 June 2009

Cease all developments in BUTE PARK protest 3.45 outside city hall

Ask your councillor to support this motion
Cardiff Council full meeting tonight
Motion 3 to Cardiff council this evening 8.20pm for 30mins
This Council recognises that our city centre park complex, namely Bute Park, Sophia Gardens, Pontcanna Fields and Llandaff Fields are invaluable to our city and are recognised by everyone as treasured open spaces.

By its actions in seeking to dispose of and destroy areas of open space across Cardiff, the Liberal Democrat and Plaid Cymru controlled Council administration has shown that facilities and amenities are not safe in its hands.
Council therefore calls on the Executive to:
1. immediately cease all developments in Bute Park, Sophia Gardens, Pontcanna Fields and Llandaff Fields subject to 2 below.
2. undertake a wide-ranging consultation on the future use of these parks and to then bring forward a clear strategy for their future use & development.
3. immediately restore Pontcanna Fields to use for the benefit of the citizens of Cardiff.
Proposed by: Councillor Ralph Cook
Seconded by: Councillor Craig Williams

Bute Park alliance leaflet here

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